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How to converting mp4 to avi windows 10 7 8 without quality loss using any video converter tutorial. May 11, 2018 avi is closely associated with divx codec, which is notable for compressing video into small size with high visual quality. By using this format, you can maintain good video quality. This great variety of video formats guarantees you that you can play your favorite youtube videos in every popular environment and device. Avi audio video interleave avi format is created by microsoft and it is one of the oldest video format. You dont need registration, accounts, payments and other bothering things to convert your favorite video to mp3 or avi format, the only thing you need is the link to your video. Free convert youtube to mp4 without losing quality minitool. These all ways to download youtube to avi online with best quality can help you to download online youtube videos in avi formats.

Once youve installed youtube downloader app on mac or pc, youll see download button below each video offering to download hd or mp3. You can use video editing software to convert your audio file to a video. It provides great quality video format for almost all situations and it can hold its own compared with other recent formats. Choose the size or resolution and get avi video sample file for free. It is the best method to convert your files to the best youtube video format. Its not as heavy as avi and provides better quality than flv. Compress avi video to low quality avi 240p, 360p and 480p or resize video to hd avi 720p, 1080p or ultra hd 2k, 4k quality. Best quality for saving in avi format vegas community.

If the video you are editing will mainly be watched on hd tv or computers, its a good idea to export in formats with the highest quality. An avi audio video interleave file is a file saved in a multimedia container format created by microsoft. In fact, youtube recommends uploading files in the. If avi files are compressed using some codecs then in order to retrieve and play the file it requires the same. All ways to download youtube to avi online with best quality. And, wondershare video converter ultimate is the very program. Mp4 is based on mov as a lossy format using mpeg4 avch. Avi files can contain both audio and video data in a file container able to support synchronous audiowithvideo playback. Oct 15, 2012 avi is ideal for editing, but bulky for archiving. Free youtube download youtube videos downloaden download. Download youtube videos in higherquality mp4 format. How to download youtube videos in avi format quora. Developed by microsoft in 1992, it has become so widespread that many people consider it the defacto standard for storing video and audio information on pc.

You can export and reexport avi multiple times, as you add edit effects, with almost no further quality loss. Freemake video converter converts video and movies between 500. Whether you are outputting your video into a web streamable format, or burning it onto a cddvd, always remember to preserve the original video file in high quality. Free download the professional audio video volume booster idealshare videogo for windows, for mac, install and run it, the following interface will pop up. Best format for youtube uploading ifunia youtube column. May 06, 2020 before you even do the first download, you can use the dials on the interface to set up a preferred download format mp4 video or mp3 audio and a default download quality as high as 8k, even on. Open this program on your computer and click on add files button. How to convert youtube video to avi also including. Avi and mp4 are all video container formats, if they use the same encoder i. You are able to download youtube videos in its original quality. The avi format is supported by various video players.

Really though you can upload anything and it will transcode it for you. If you are unable to encode your videos using the preferred specifications, you can still submit your video in. We do our best to provide the best sound quality and lightning fast download speed even if the original size file is big. No wonder both are regarded as the most commonly used container formats that almost anyone who has. If you remember the video name, you can directly enter the name in the search box to find the target video and then click the download button to download audio from youtube. Free convert youtube flv to avi mp4 ipod wmv 3gp cnet download. Hey i was just wondering if there is any way to improve to quality of an existing. Whats the best video format for youtubeeditingfbinstwit. In addition, it also supports 1080p4k, hdsd videos. Enter the url or link of the video that you wish to convert. We will share all ways to download youtube mp3 to avi files in this guide. Top 10 best online youtube video converter 2020 free for all.

The quest for the best video format how do you know what. This and all the other advantages are the reasons why most users go for youtube to avi format of. The avi format is based on the resource interchange file format riff. I want an avi which has exactly the same video quality as the original avi with the added titles and my final mix wave file as the sound. Oct 26, 2017 how to compress a video file without losing quality video files can be very large in size and it can take a long time to upload these large files to youtube or other social media sites. Rapid video converter will also convert the video into different format options for you to choose from these ranges from mp3 to mp4, 720p, 1080p videos, and more. It has a smaller file size as compared to avi video format. Follow the guide below to easily improve the audio quality of any video or music file. Mar 07, 2018 easy way to convert mp4 file to avi format free and fast. Pack up how to improve the quality of the recorded video. However when i uploaded the video, youtube ruined the quality quite drastically. Jan 11, 2018 the latest edition of this format avchd 2.

The best youtube video format based on the platforms recommendations is the. Its incredibly handy and converts with best quality. Fast convert any video to avi format without quality loss with high quality and up to 30x quicker. Convert video to hd quality with the fastest video quality. Very common format high acceptance compared to other video formats how do i use a youtube converter. Youtube video downloader the easiest way to download youtube to mp4 videos with the best quality up to hd720p, fullhd 1080p. After hours of testing, testing, testing, experimenting i finally found a satisfying video rendering quality with reasonable file size overall, using wmv format. Apr 27, 2018 free youtube to mp3 converter is one of the best free youtube to mp3 software, which supports a number of youtube video formats, such as mov, avi, flv wmv, mpeg4, 3gpp, webm, mpegps. By knowing what are the best video formats that youtube supports would help you reduce this failure and upload videos to youtube smoothly with intact quality. Rip web links to avi, mkv, wmv, iphone, psp, android, amazon kindle fire, phones, etc. Once you finish editing, you can save to mpeg2, if you aim to create dvd, since the formats are nearclones.

How to download high definition videos from youtube quora. Video and audio formatting specifications youtube help. Better ways to download avi music videos 3x faster video. All you need to input the video url and select output format as avi. Divx includes everything you need to play, create, and stream all the most popular digital video formats.

Years after it was first used, the avi format is still a widely used audio video file format for various purposes. Insert fl before the word youtube in the link to download video files from youtube as a. If you hope for the other format, you can enable to download then convert mode and select your desired format there. Just a few moments later you can enjoy your highquality avi videos. In addition to video and audio data, it can also be used to store things like subtitles and still images. Youtube encourages partners to upload videos that are as close to the original, high quality source format as possible to increase the likelihood that your videos will play in higher quality hq. Jun 20, 2019 the best youtube video format based on the platforms recommendations is the. Its output formats might include mp4, m4a, flv, 3gp, webm, and mp3. Recommended upload video format for maximum sound quality on. Choose output folder, click on the format button to select output format as flac for individual video, or click on the format menu at the left bottom of the interface to export all videos as flac. Free youtube to mp4 converter and downloader onvert.

You have the opportunity to choose from avi, mp4, mov, 3gp, 3gp2, wmv, flv, exe, zip and mp3 format. This makes it possible to playback audio with video synchronously. Download any youtube videos and music as mp3 files. Winx hd video converter deluxe if you need to convert a video to a different format, winx hd video converter deluxe is. Choose hd video formats like hevc, vp9, wmv hd, avi hd video, hd mkv, hd mp4 and even 4k as. Have you ever tried to upload videos to youtube but failed. Use converter to create divx, avi, mkv, and mp4 videos. You copy a video url from youtube and paste it into any youtube converter. Our downloader tool will extract the video and make it available for you to download. It is the reason why many people believe avi is better in quality than mp4. Mp4 popularized by apple in the itunes store, the mp4 can not only store video and audio files but also text and still images. This format effectively stores data to be encoded in different codecs, which also contains both video and audio data. Support downloading and converting video files from youtube metacafe, facebook, dailymotion, and others to different formats include mp3, mp4, mp4 hd, avi, and avi hd.

It is also a good youtube to mp4 converter free online. Click the start button to begin the conversion process. Im currently struggling to save an uncompressed avi using adobe media encoder cs4. Newer versions of youtube dl may allow recoding to avi. Note that youtube always reencodes videos to optimize their playback quality.

Winx hd video converter deluxe if you need to convert a video to a different format, winx hd video converter deluxe is the best software around. Apr 04, 2019 youtube has kinds of good music videos and sometimes, we want to extract a segment of music or sound from youtube video and convert them to flac audio files. Then click the convert button to change youtube videos to flac on mac. Find general video in the list and choose avi as output format. Mp4 files play on all ipodsiphones that support video. If you do not think your current video file format is supported by youtube, you may get the best uploading results from converting your file to the best format for youtube say mpeg4 video with mp3 audio with video converter software. If necessary, you can click on the edit button to customize the videos. Youtube prefers the original, 1080p hd broadcast format. Hence, because of these reasons, youtube doesnt provide video streaming in avi. Conversely, avi format stores highquality videos since they. Though encoded and decoded by different codecs, alongside a form of lossy compression that loses some of the video data when the file is compressed, both mp4 and avi can maintain the best possible quality compared with other video files. Aug 29, 2017 convert your video to the best format for youtube. Mov, avi, and mkv are good choices for that purpose. Additionally, youtube also recommends opting for the following in order to be able to create high quality 1080p hd content.

In this case, we recommend that you upload the highest quality video possible. Audio files, like mp3, wav, or pcm files, cant be uploaded to youtube. Rendered file quality is very good, but youtube ruins it. Youtube recommends that you upload your video as an mp4, encoded using the h. Youtube downloader download youtube videos for free. Enjoy the mp4 video offline on your device smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. Click on convert and it will convert youtube video and give you a download link. The only problem is that high quality videos usually takes up more spaces, so always make sure that your hard disk has enough spaces.

Best video format and settings for youtube uploading. Exceptionally good in converting any video to more than 150 file formats making the video best suited for your every purpose. If youre watching or distributing your video files in vlc, xbmc, potplayer, or another video player that supports mkv, the high quality and versatility of this format make it an ideal choice. How to directly convert youtube to flac in simple ways. Then it will pop up the computer file explorer to let you select files. The rendered file quality is very clear, little difference with a raw file. You can easily rip videos to a wide range of formats including mp3, mp4, avi, wma and more. Video downloader is a totally free online service which enables you to download videos from multiple sources which includes facebook, instagram, vimeo, dailymotion, break, lynda, netflix, hulu,soundcloud, liveinternet, etc. Here you will find a guide on how to download youtube videos in many different formats.

Upon successful completion of the conversion, you will receive a download link for the converted file. How to compress a video file without losing quality youtube. The most popular codecs out there that give a nice combination of good picture quality and size are the divx and xvid codecs. Youtube states that the best format to use is mp4 standard, hd and ultra hd 4k quality. Far, far more important than the file type is the bitrate used. Avi files if compressed beyond certain limits result in the loss of video quality. The quest for the best video format how do you know whats. Youtube will still accept your video content and then reencode your video files as necessary. Both equally true statements, depending on several zillion factors. Tips of getting best youtube supported video format for. Youtube recommends uploading the video file in mp4 format.

Method 2 method 3 download youtube video via ss youtube. Convert to mp4, mp3, avi, wmv, dvd, iphone, android. Avi audio video interleave is also a multimedia container format as part of its video for windows tech introduced by microsoft in 1992 in reprisal for the mov file format, developed by apple computers. Youtube recently started offering video playback in higherresolution, bettersounding formats like mp4, and that bump in quality can now be downloaded for desktop.

Download videos allinone video converter, compressor, burner. End with impressive fast speed and super good quality. If you want to download videos from youtube easy, fast and free, this app will get the job done. Flv and swf flash formats in modern technology terms, flash video has been around forever. Ebenso wird avi in hochauflosender qualitat angeboten. An avi is a video container format that capture, store and play audio videos. You can try wondershare dvd ripper, it can rips dvd to any types of video in 500 700 mb or even less, and it will keep the video quality, it is plenty good enough to compress a dvd for personal use. How to convert mp4 video to avi format free youtube. It is most commonly used to store digital audio and digital video streams. Get the link to the exact video you want to download, paste it into the text box above. How to improve audio quality of video mp4, avi, mov, mkv. Nov 20, 2018 tips of getting best youtube supported video format for youtube uploading. Quick guide to choosing the right video output format.

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