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The his consortium was founded in 2004 and consists of members from audi, bmw, daimler, porsche, and volkswagen to address activities and develop common standards related to automotive. Impressum kontakt agb widerrufsrecht datenschutz kontakt agb widerrufsrecht datenschutz. Ldra herstellerinitiative software his for automotive sector. The hersteller initiative software source code metrics or just his metrics his metriken for short were devised by five working groups from the german automotive manufacturers including audi, bmw, daimlerchrysler, porsche and volkswagen with the goal to produce an agreed set of standards for. The secure software download process consists of several unique yet vital steps see figure 2. Top software quality metrics for development teams perforce. Waag, deutsches uhrenmuseum, gotik elektromechanisches armbanduhrwerk. Sae j3061 cyber security guidebook for cyberphysical. His hersteller initiative software manufacturers software initiative five working groups from the. Indesids bv offers solutions for embedded software development as well as for the telecommunication nems and service providers. Hersteller initiative software his quality metrics. You will find many checks straight from the following published standards. Ralf belschner daimler ag sindelfingen jochem spohr mbtech sindelfingen. Therefore vehicle manufacturers must extend their competence in the basics and methods of software design and quality.

Tips for identifying trends in software quality metrics. The program object code is passed to a trust center in a secure environment of the software issuer that signs the object code using its private key sk. Herstellerinitiative software oem initiative software. Software metrics massachusetts institute of technology. Hersteller initiative software his security hardware. The verification estimates stack usage from the function call hierarchy and local variable sizes. Dieter marx porsche ag weissach kai barbehon bmw ag munchen stephan esch audi ag ingolstadt dr. Comment density, cyclomatic complexity, procedure exit points. The list of acronyms and abbreviations related to his hersteller initiative software. Herstellerinitiative software, initiative deutscher automobilhersteller hightech information system, hersteller von grafikkarten hinweis und informationssystem der versicherungswirtschaft. A software quality metric is a function whose inputs are software data and whose output is a single numerical value that can be interpreted as the degree to which software possesses a given attribute that affects its quality. This group has specified a fundamental set of metrics to be used in the evaluation of software. See which code complexity metrics supported in polyspace are part of the hersteller initiative software his standard. Sae j3061 cybersecurity guidebook for cyberphysical vehicle systems is a best practice by u.

His herstellerinitiative software, german for oem software initiative is an interest group consisting of the car manufacturers audi, bmw, daimler ag, porsche and volkswagen innovation in modern vehicles is to a great extent realized by software in electronic control units. The top software quality metrics for development teams. How to use software quality metrics to drive software quality. Innovation in modern vehicles is to a great extent realised by software in electronic control uni. Indesids bv biedt oplossingen voor zowel embedded software ontwikkeling als voor telecommunicatienems en aanbieders. Manufacture initiative herstellerinitiative software hersteller, german for manufacturer or possibly oem, is the name of a project group consisting of german automobile manufacturers that got together to establish among other things guidelines for software code metrics. Ziegelhersteller wienerberger muss abstriche machen saudiarabien will.

Innovation in modern vehicles is to a great extent realised by software in electronic control units. No way to measure property directly or final product does not yet exist for predicting, need a model of relationship of predicted variable with other measurable variables. The herstellerinitiative software his is a committee drawn from audi ag, bmw ag, daimler ag, porsche ag, and volkswagen ag. Wenn man chronographen mag, braucht man einfach eine uhr mit diesem uhrwerk. The sort of information that is useful for a coding guideline. Hersteller initiative software his security hardware extension she 1. Fill out the form to learn more about software quality metrics. His is a consortium of five major automotive manufacturers audi, bmw, daimlerchrysler, porsche and volkswagen.

Herstellerinitiative software oem initiative software dr. We can accurately measure some property of software or process. Hersteller initiative software manufacturers software initiative. The committees focus is to help vehicle manufacturers master the principles and methods of software and quality assurance for microprocessorbased control units. Hersteller initiative software play in software quality metrics. Posted on july 6, 2017 by ross phillips in resources. In these markets we offer products of either the market leader or the innovation leaders.

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