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Create a rock collection as you learn about the three main. This webquest is specifically designed for students to explore a wonderful interactive website. Create your fact sheet using facts from the web sites. All the directions are on this lab sheet and each webpage. Learn how to distinguish between types of rocks and discover how rocks change over time. Scientists have found rocks that formed during every time period of earths history.

Read online now rock cycle gizmo answer key ebook pdf at our library. You have studied the water cycle in previous science courses so we dont concentrate on it in env. Enter only your first name it is not saved for anything. Conclusion learning and teaching about the rock cycle is important because knowing the history of rocks their origin, evolution, geographic location is knowledge that will help to make sense of things in the future for students. The rock cycle is a very fun process to learn about. This is a webquest designed to go with the information found in the annenberg learner interactives on the rock cycle. The historical context will provide you with a deeper understanding of the significance of the novel.

You should use the websites provided for each question the underlined titles are hotlinks. The rock cycle igneous rock deep in the earths crust there are places where the rock has melted into magma which is a mixture of crystals and liquid rock. Answer the following questions using the websites provided for each question the titles are hotlinks. The rock cycle is the idea that the three main types of rock sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous undergo physical changes enabling each to change into any of the others. Create a rock collection as you learn about the three main types of rock, find out how to tell the different rock types apart, and see how rocks change from one type into another. Name date block the rock cycle the rock cycle is a group of changes. Sedimentary rock can change into metamorphic rock or into igneous rock. How does a sedimentary rock turn into a metamorphic rock. For most students the webquest works best as a follow up activity to an introductory lesson.

The university of oregon link will help you refresh your knowledge of the types and processes that create each type. When the lava cools and hardens on the earths surface, it is called volcanic igneous rock. Name date period hes cycling webquest visit the following websites and answer the related questions. This online lesson has been designed to teach students about earths water cycle.

How do metamorphic rocks change into sedimentary rocks. What happens to hot lava after it erupts from a volcano. That doesnt mean that it wont be mentioned as a part of the two cycles we do study. In biogeochemical cycles including carbon, water and nitrogen cycles, elements are transported between the atmosphere, biosphere living things, hydrosphere water, and. Read about different types of rocks and how the rock cycle works. The intended audience of this webquest are the 11th graders at clarkston high school. Igneous can become sedimentary andor metamorphic, and. Nitrogen cycle webquest cary institute of ecosystem studies. For advanced or older students this webquest can serve as an introductory activity. The following diagram illustrates how each of the types of rocks can be changed into another of the types of rocks.

It teaches all aspects of the rock cycle through vocabulary, visual and audio demonstrations, and a graphic organizer lab sheet to record findings. Processes in a cycle do not stop and are therefore said to be continuous. If you have time, complete this rock cycle activity. Metamorphic rock can change into igneous or sedimentary rock. Your goal is to gain a better understanding of the water, carbon and nitrogen cycles. It should take about 45 minutes to complete, and could be finished as a homework assignment if the student has access to a computer with internet access. Everyone can connect within some good rock n roll tunes. Rock cycle webquest by julie rhodes teachers pay teachers. Visit the following websites and answer the related questions. They may be light or dark, but usually light gray to black. The students goal is to create a rock cycle for each selected solar system object. Your goal is to gain a better understanding of the carbon and nitrogen cycles. Follow the directions on your lab sheet and on each web page.

This webquest is designed to have fun and to be creative in exploring a culture that is very relevant from the mid 20th century to today and the future. Enter your first and last name in the space provided. Rocks come in cool colors, shapes, textures, and sizes and are found all around you, but how much do you really know about them. You do not have to write your answers down, the computer will score you. Minerals webquest lesson plan template and teaching resources. Read on to find out more about the security options that. Here is the access download page of rock cycle gizmo answer key pdf, click this link to download or read online. Have students make a flow chart of a clothes cycle from wearing, washing, drying, ironing, and wearing again. Earths rock cycle and the basic characteristics of objects in the solar system, students can consider how to extend this concept to other objects. You are the lead geological investigator of our your crew. First you will be divided into groups of 3 and each member of the group will become an expert on one of the three types of rocks. I will use remote sensing to better understand human impact on the earth. The rock cycle is the continuous succession of rock formation, erosion and reformation. Follow the directions on your lab sheet and on each page.

Use the websites given to determine the importance of the nitrogen and carbon cycles and how these cycles function on earth. Select one or more pdfs in a pdf portfolio and reduce the file size. Career webquest what do you want to be when you get out of high school. Sometimes the magma erupts out of the earth through a volcano and then it is called lava. The next section describes the rock cycle and also includes a selftest to see if you can name the different parts of the rock cycle.

An overview of earth history open an overview of earth history read and fill in the blanks. Nitrogen cycle read the information, and go through the simulations at the websites listed below. This will be completed in their language arts course. This lesson can be done individually or in small groups, and includes. Mycopyoftherockcycleandgeologicaltimewebquest unit 5 rock. I will explain how rocks move through the rock cycle. The five tasks center on vocabulary, types of rocks, what rocks are made of, the parts of the rock cycle, and weathering and erosion. Rock n roll isnt something evil that we expect teenagers to listen to because their hormones are outrageous. Your job is to use your critical thinking skills to answer the questions. Get rock cycle gizmo answer key pdf file for free from our online library pdf file. Igneous rock forms when magma cools and makes crystals.

You can encrypt your pdfs and secure them with a password, and you can even digitally sign pdf files. In other words, sedimentary can become metamorphic andor igneous. A cycle is a combination of processes that take place in a certain sequence and which repeat over and over again from the beginning. Igneous rock can change into sedimentary rock or into metamorphic rock. Webquest rock cycle discover rock secrets through these activities. As a guest, you can only use this gizmo for 5 minutes a day. A webquest for 3rd and 4th grade students munu template. What temperature in degrees celsius does a rock have to reach in order to what temperature in degrees celsius does a rock have to. They are made of large or small crystals that are spread evenly throughout the rock. When you have completed the assessment, print out your. Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. For example, the water cycle which is part of the biosphere describes how water forms clouds, rain, rivers and clouds again. A webquest for 3rd and 4th grade students on the three types of rocks and rock cycle designed by.

Play the role of a piece of rock moving through the rock cycle. Sort and order files and folders in a pdf portfolio by name, modified time, or other. Select a starting location and follow many possible paths throughout the cycle. How does an igneous rock turn into a metamorphic rock. In biogeochemical cycles including carbon, water and nitrogen cycles, elements are transported between the atmosphere, biosphere living. Learn how rocks are formed, weathered, eroded, and reformed as they move from earths surface to locations deep within the crust. How do igneous rocks change into sedimentary rocks.

The nitrogen cycle webquest this interactive is designed to help you gain a better understanding of the nitrogen cycle. Pre p aration first, as a class, students should agree on a course of action based on their own driving questions. Throughout this webquest you will be able to understand better how certain rocks and minerals are formed, and hopefully be able to find them in your own environment. After completing the diagram you are ready to test your skills.

At the end of the webquest are a couple of questions about minerals and wichita, ks. I will determine how humans affect the earth positively and negatively. You will find the directions labeled in green for ease. Modifiez le texte et les images directement dans le fichier pdf. Then, answer the questions about the nitrogen cycle. All rock except for meteorites that is on earth today is. Uses html5 to display pdf files directly in the browser.

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