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Norwegian cruise line, seasons holiday greetings card ncl 2000 ship boat vessel. I am now accepting new manuals for inclusion in this archive. The community visioning and strategic planning handbook mrsc. All manuals include schematics unless otherwise noted. This is an 80 10 meter 5 band amp, and it is built likea tank. It can be set to operate from 115 20a or 230 vac 10a.

The next year, the national charity league trademark was registered with the us patent and trademark office. It seem like a real sweet amplifier, handsome cabinet. Email lists editor enhancements error messages manuals ncl on. Ncl2000 specifications discontinued amateur amplifiers. Manuals for national this is the manuals page for national. This is a thorough reference manual for ncl, which is mainly for the purpose of looking up information, like scoping rules, keyword listings, meanings of special symbols, etc. Tubes will be replaced under the terms of the warranty provided they are returned to national for examination and such examination indicates that they are indeed defec tive from causes other than abuse, mechanical. Using approximately 15w of drive, we were able to produce about 450w carrier output. National was the brandname used by matsushita electric industrial co for home appliances and electronics sold outside of north america. If there are screen resistors on the 8122s, theyre not to drop voltage, theyre just to isolate rf from dc.

I recently acquired a fairly virginal 71 series ncl2000. All manuals are copies and are madetoorder unless otherwise noted. Rigpix database linear amplifiers national ncl2000. The switch looks as if it may be new old stock since it appears to have never been installed. National radio ncx5 manual page 5 of 30 manualslib. It is solid state except for the driver tube and the ceramic 8122 same tube as the ncl2000. For sale is reprint of national ncl2000 linear power amplifier manual. National ncl2000 amplifier operation manual reproduction.

On any band the 2000 will pin a meter that only reads watts full scale. Ncl 2000 specifications discontinued amateur amplifiers. The ncl 2000 is a watt average, 2000 watt pep linear amplifier for the 80 through 10 meter amateur bands, housed in a desktop cabinet with selfcontained power supply. You can tap it per the manual for low or high drive power. All the exam questions with answer key, for use through june 30, youll cover small sections at a time procedures and. Manual covers installation, operation, theory and service instructions. Many cracked solder joints in the bandswitching circuitry. The national ncl2000 covers the 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter amateur bands. Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. The ncl user guide nug is a beginners introduction to ncl, with a intensive stepbystep tutorial on file io, computational analyses, and. The ncl2000 is a watt average, 2000 watt pep linear amplifier for the 80 through 10 meter amateur bands, housed in a desktop cabinet with selfcontained power supply. This set is wired for 220v and includes the original operating manual. Describe your experience with the national ncl2000 and tell us why you give it the rating you did required. National ncl 2000 amplifier service manual free service manuals, fast download, no limits.

Comes with a spare set of 8122 tubes and original manual. National ncl2000 linear power amplifier service manual. Maybe you can upload a pic for the national ncl 2000 if you have any other manuals for the national ncl 2000 you can upload the files here. Nearly all current commercial linears run class ab2 now that the national patent has run out many hams have called the ncl2000 a one call linear meaning that nearly all pile ups can be broken by an ncl2000 on the first call. Anyone changed a national ncl2000 to tubes other than the 8122. A leadership development program was created, which utilized ncl volunteers as trainers to provide guidance for chapter leaders. Download countless of free service manuals you find nowhere else. Here is a copy of the ncl2000 manual complete with rca 8122 tube data. The ncl2000 is a watt average, 2000 watt pep linear amplifier for the 80 through 10 meter amateur bands, housed in a.

Nationals new 2000 watt linear amplifier is desktop dynamite. National chemical laboratory ncl national chemical laboratory ncl innovations ncl innovations was founded. The yaesu ftd manual link on page 18 talks about interfacing to a linear amplifier. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. The nxc was the last transceiver national produced prior to going out of business. National ncl2000 hf linear amplifier wtested new rca. Manual is 20 pages long, includes 11x17 foldout of circuit diagram and 8 pages on rca8122 tube. Heres avery nice national ncl2000 hf linear amplifier.

I can attest to that fact as i quickly sold my alpha dual 8874 amp when it was outperformed by the ncl2000. Suggested by umg agnes goodlife audio song hey brother radio edit short. It runs a pair of 8122 ceramic tetrodes, which are still available from various sources and are fairly cheap. National ncl2000 ncl 2000 linear amplifier manual ebay. National company ncl 2000 linear power amplifier instructions manual add to favourites.

Discussion in cb radio gear ebay auctions ending soon started by ebay, may 22, 2015. The manual is bound with a professional, comb binder system and a hard cover is used for the front and back cover. Save ncl2000 to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. Can anyone point me to a manual or schematic for the amp. National ncl2000 manual linear power amplifier hifi engine. With original owners manual that includes service info. A capital campaign was also launched with the goal of securing funding for a national headquarters. National ncl2000 hf linear amplifier wtested new rca 8122 tubes extra nice. These have all been tested here on our prague to 6a for leakage at the full 450v and tolerance on all is in the 56 range as measured on our fluke 115 digital meter. All of the schematic pages are done on 11 x 17 inch paper and will fold out like the original if the manual had 11 x 17 size schematic diagrams. View and download national radio ncx5 manual online.

Its roughly the size of the ncl2000 linear amplifier and almost as heavy a manly radio for sure. Hopeing its just changing the switch and adding some taps on the output tank. May be operated with a transceiver or transmitterreceiver. The 8122 output tubes used in the ncl 2000 are guaranteed against failure for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. Amps ncl2000 mods ive been through the archives at some length, so im looking more for confirmation of what im about to do. Tx gnd phono jack normally disabled when enabled, this output jack connects inside the ft to a set of relay contacts that short together to chassis ground whenever the transmitter is active. The 8122 output tubes used in the ncl2000 are guaranteed against failure for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. You are visitor number i have for sale a national radio ncl2000 amplifier complete with 8122 tubes and reproduced manual. Anyone done a mode to pick up any of the new bands. National ncl2000 linear amplifier front panel ssb cw rocker switch. National ncl 2000 download your lost manuals for free. Ncl2000 for sale radio lots ncl2000 filter 2 national capacitors. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on.

National ncl 2000 amplifier service manual free service manuals, fast download, no limits the free download archive for handbooks and service manuals. National ncl2000 restoration some before photos the chassis is pretty ugly. National ncl2000 manual linear power amplifier hifi. The ncl2000 manual and schematic are on line, but i didnt bother looking at either thus far. If you dont have a digital display, you can attempt to follow the instructions in the manual. It utilizes two type 8122 miniature ceramic tetrodes in parallel in its output circuit, which provide 800 watts of available plate dissipation to allow operation at the maximum legal input with high efficiency and excellent linearity. National ncl2000 linear amplifier ssbcw switch, ham. Every component on the ncl2000 is rated for operation at a dc kilowatt, if you want to check power output youll need a bigger wattmeter then those now available on the amateur market. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff.

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